Langkawi is a group of islands off Peninsular Malaysia, and is a jewel amongst jewels.

Malaysia is proud that more tourists head to this island every year, boosting our local and national economy.

There is much to see and explore in Langkawi:

  • Nature at its best – with wonderful beaches, amazing flora and fauna, picturesque mountain views.
  • Local and international cuisine to tantalize your taste buds – be it exotic or downright plain deliciousness.
  • Birdwatchers paradise – hornbills and other migratory birds to watch at sunrise.
  • Local tourist activities – the Cable Car ride, island-hopping, Gamat (sea cucumber) scene.

However, the best Langkawi has to offer is the up-and-rising Pantai Tengah tourist spot. With a clean, secluded beach area and wonderful restaurants, handicraft stores and spas to visit, it is a wonder Pantai Tengah is Langkawi's place to be.

Sungroup establishments are located in Pantai Tengah, allowing you to be only minutes away from your next island activity.