SpicesWe welcome you to experience a culinary adventure at our award-winning Matahari Malay Restaurant on your next trip to Langkawi. Set amongst a lush tropical garden, choose to dine under the stars or try the traditional floor seating in one of our cabanas.

We offer traditional cuisine as can be found in typical Malay homes. The food you'll enjoy is prepared not by chefs, but instead by local village ladies or makcik who are very skilled in their generations-old recipes.Malay cuisine is indeed a harmony of spices and fresh ingredients, blended to create a unique taste for your senses. Our food is neither adulterated nor orchestrated for a Western pallet. Instead, it is true in its nature, and guests can experience true Malaysian cuisine.

Among our recommendations is the Nasi Campur Kampung platter, a complete dinner set for two, which includes samplings of all the great Malaysian dishes. A definite feast for the eyes, as well as for the tastebuds.

You should not leave Langkawi without a taste of tradition in this majestic restaurant.

Chef's Recommendation

  • Nasi Campur KampungNasi Campur Kampung, dinner for two

    A blend of spices and local herbs creates delightful tastes and textures in this specialty Malay platter for two.

  • BlankAyam Masak Merah, main dish

    A delicious simmered chicken dish with lemongrass, chillies, galangal, ginger, Kaffir lime leaves and coconut milk.

  • BlankSago Gula Merah, dessert

    A delectable creamy dessert of fresh coconut milk, brown sugar and sago.

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