Gourmet Island by James Hipkiss

New Straits Times 25 Oct 2007

Hipkiss"Sunsutra is ideal for a fine dinner. Its international menu has some delicious dishes beautifully presented (but sensibly-priced) main courses, ranging from RM24 to RM48.

For seafood lovers, the prawn cocktail or grilled king prawns are not to be missed. Its salads are light, fresh and tasty too, especially the papaya with its sharp tangy flavours. The Caesar's salad is a must for cheese lovers.

The interior decor makes a visit there a special occasion. Even the loos are amazingly decorated. I am told that some tourists even make a second visit to them with their cameras!

An alternative for all-day eating with an Eastern and Western menu is the Sun Cafe.

The interior is cool and contemporary in style and offers both indoor and outdoor tables.

For Sun Cafe's western cuisine, try the light chicken fillet and orange salad or the grilled barracuda, a good meaty fish with a sweet/sharp honey and lemon sauce.

Pineapple rice with chicken curry is a good choice for those preferring Eastern fare.

The supervising chef, Mr Eko, who also oversees Sunsutra, is an exceptional individual. Although originally from Bali, he has worked in many countries. Prices are around RM13 for starters, RM18-RM42 for mains and from RM35 per bottle of house wine."

Sunset Beach Resort: A real gem

best-of-langkawi.com 15 Nov 2004

We were very pleasantly surprised with this accommodation - more like a boutique B&B than a resort. We visited early November 2004. Our room was large, spotlessly clean and tastefully decorated. There are about a dozen rooms on either side of a tropical planted path that leads to the breakfast room, palm trees, loungers above the white sand beach. There are outside showers (again tastefully presented) to wash off after swimming.

A bar and restaurants are adjacent to the resort but not noisy. You can buy beer at the grocery store for about US 1/bottle and sit on the loungers watching the sun go down over the horizon. A gorgeous view. The beach is about 1 mile long so good for walking. The water while not crystal clear is not dirty and there wasn't rubbish/trash to be seen in the water or on the beach.

The included breakfast was excellent; fresh fruit, juice, tea, coffee, eggs made to your liking, toast with jams.

In the room, there were a few gaps around the AC unit and windows so you may want to purchase a plug-in insect killer (US 5 at the grocery store across the road). Our room (US 45 per night) had a small fridge, tea & coffee making facilities and TV in the room (Malay & Indian language channels). There was a separate bathroom and large walk in shower. The resort has a website and replies quickly to e-mail requests."

Lunchin’ at Sun Cafe, Langkawi by headsteadi

Headsteadi.com 2 Oct 2007

HeadsteadiSun Café is one of Langkawi’s favourite makan (dining) and lepak (chillout) spot located at Sun Mall, Pantai Tengah along Jalan Teluk Baru. As their huge signboard by the café roadside claims, they open from noon till late, serving lunch and dinner or you can just lepak here for dessert and coffee or hit the bar.

Sun Café spoils you with choices of both Asian and Western cuisine, specially prepared by Chef Eko from Bali.

The café interior design is simple but they look expensive. The granite top bar, back dropped by two huge mirrors that glares reflection of your drunken face so you'll be reminded when to stop drinking.

The café space is carefully arranged offering options to patrons to either dine indoor or outdoor. Sun Café customers are both tourists and locals. While I was lunching, I observed most of the tourists are Westerners and Japanese. They seemed to enjoy the ambience, engrossing small talks or reading books while waiting for their foods to arrive.

The staff are very friendly with us and the other customers. I noticed some of the tourists were greeted by name, a sign that the tourists must have already frequented the café until they become familiar faces. I timed the service as average. We waited for about 15 mins for our drinks and 25 mins for our foods to arrive. I ordered honeydew without sugar and they were very generous with the thick pure juice.

I ordered chicken cordon bleu for the main course, while my other half ordered grilled chicken.

They both taste sinfully delicious! The meat is tenderly grilled (mine, fried) , preserving its juiciness. The gravy of the grilled chicken and the cream in the cordon bleu were authentically prepared, not merely off-the shelf or out of can preparation.

Two thumbs up! I'd certainly recommend you to check out this café the next time you visit Langkawi.

Food rating: 4.5/5.0
Clealiness: 5.0/5.0
Service efficiency: 4.5/5.0
Staff friendliness/assertiveness: 5.0/5.0
Outlet atmosphere: 4.5/5.0
Overall rating: 4.5/5.0

Eco-Tourism & Fine Cuisine by Susanne

best-of-langkawi.com 26 Dec 2002

"During our travels, a friend warned that Langkawi was 'pretty, but boring as hell'. Likewise, the tour operator in KL advised we should only go to Langkawi for a day trip because there wasn’t much to see there. Both of these opinions were way off base, as we found out for ourselves...

...We arrived at the Kuah Pier tired and dirty from the ferry ride, and asked our taxi to drop us at the mid-priced Sunset Beach Resort. Our modus operandi is to travel without hotel reservations, allowing us maximum flexibility; we crossed our fingers that Sunset Beach would have a vacancy because it sounded like a peaceful place. Luckily they had two vacant chalets set in a lush garden tastefully adorned with orchids, palms, statues, fountains and ponds. It was quite charming, to say the least. The beachfront was pristine and secluded. Our well-spoken innkeeper, Jeffery, had Chinese ancestry and knew all about the island and its cultural history. The architecture was a combination of traditional Asian aesthetics and modern amenities, and each chalet was carefully decorated with pottery, furniture and textiles from local artisans. Each day, Jeffrey would greet us by name and chat with us about our plans for the day; he truly cared about his customers...

...We loved Langkawi, and will probably go back there someday - as long as it doesn't get too built-up and touristy! Maybe that's why people kept telling us not to go there...maybe they just secretly wanted the island to remain quiet. In that case, I don't blame them in the least."

Good Dinners Do Wonders by Maya

mayakirana.com 2 Aug 2006

Maya"Sunsutra is part of the stylish chain of cafes and restaurants owned by Jeffery Leong under his Sun Group Langkawi.

Jeffery is a hands-on owner and is among many of the non-Kedahans we met. Apparently, he had arrived on the island some 13 years ago and decided that Langkawi needed some elegant eateries. One of them is definitely Sunsutra.

Sunsutra is gorgeous, especially for a leisurely dinner. It would fit just right in at Bangsar! It is on the same row as SunBa Retro Bar and SunKarma Chillout Lounge (yes, also owned by the same affable guy who does not mince his words).

The Sun Group also runs Sun Cafe, Sunset Beach Resort, and Sunflower Handicrafts Shop-Sunmall. A friend who had stayed at Sunset Beach Resort a few weeks earlier was raving about the detailing of the Balinese-inspired boutique resort. It is evident that Jeffery has put the same amount of love and care into Sunsutra.

Added to that, the staff at Sunsutra made our dinner go exceptionally well. They are some of the most enthusiastic and helpful ones I’ve come across. None of that surliness, no sirree. The staff happily bounce around for you and no request is too inane for them.

The decor is tastefully simple in black and white with exotic Sanskrit characters carved in wood as you enter the open concept restaurant. Diners who take a table in the middle of the restaurant can look up and see the stars in the night sky!

Food-wise, try the lamb shank because the lamb practically melts in your mouth. My grilled king prawns were all right though a bit on the salty side. And desserts! Their bestseller is the blueberry cheesecake and the Banoffee cake. I would have enjoyed the dessert if I had not eaten so much of the appetisers – Bok Choy Salad and Thai Salad which is the Papaya Salad. OK, I was hungry that night. Or maybe I glugged too much of the Malibu Pineapple. Yes, one must not forget that liquor is affordable on this duty-free island and we must, simply must take some even if I am not much of a drinker.

The piece de resistance was not the food, however. It was the "best restroom in Asia" (hey, that's on his website, ok). You must sneak a peek at the loo. No men or women signs on the door. Heck, there isn’t even a door! You walk right in, and you see a restroom that you can really rest in! (If you want better pictures of the loo, go to the Sun Group's website.)

All the cubicles are lined with mirrors so you can see all your unsightly wobbly bits as you do your business (that's if you're not worrying if anyone can see you because the mirrors do confuse!). You can take in the lovely little fountain too as you contemplate this restroom experience. You get fresh towels to delicately wipe your hands. No ugly toilet paper in this place. And fresh frangipanis all over the place. I heard that the open restroom concept is also evident at Sun Cafe, its sister cafe down the road. I did not manage to get to Sun Cafe but that's probably next on my list of must-visit places in Langkawi!"

Nights in Langkawi : Sunba Retro Bar by deniz kumral

trlangkawi.blogspot.com 13 Mar 2007

"Lovely, friendly and exotic atmosphere. Clean and quality service and very good drinks. When I first came here Frankie the DJ was the first (and the right) person I've met. He is a one hell of a dirty talking good retro DJ and a cheating go-cart racer (kidding, he is very good at driving). Place is owned by Jeffery. You can see him; an Asian with glasses and long greyish nice hair. He can help you out with anything.

Place looks like a jungle bar. but it's totally closed. Fans on the ceiling are usually enough to have some air, after a few of the exotic cocktails you won't be needing any fresh air anyway. They have a flaming special cocktail which is served with a nice show. Usually the party boy/girl gets this one.

When you look at the menu, it seems like the most expensive bar in Langkawi. But when you compare it to other places in Malaysia, it's not. And drinking in Malaysia is cheap compared to other countries.

Music matches the name; totally retro. Sometimes it's boring but usually people have fun with these well known old songs. "Dancing queen" was the song I’ve heard most. Maybe it's because of the Swedish people always coming around. And one bad thing about retro is sometimes the age average is kinda high. But as long as people having fun, it's okay.

A must stop spot in langkawi. You will eventually hear about it when you ask "what can I do tonite?". There are really a few places in Langkawi to spend a night drinkin' and dancin' . This is one of the good ones."

Sam and Ricky's Adventure! by Ricky Syers

STA Travel 11 Sep 2007

"So, Langkawi. Probably the highlight of Malaysia. It was almost all stunning but Langkawi was just brilliant...

... Driving back to our accommodation, we head west into the sunset and enjoy breathtaking views over the purple sky as the sun disappeared beyond the hills. A fitting way to end a great day driving.

The night is yet young, however! We go to a previously recommended bar called Sunba. This place is part of a chain of great places including Sun Cafe, Sunflower (art and crafts shop) & Sunkarma (a chilled out restaurant & bar).

In Sunba, the locals all start chatting away to you, a group of Kuala Lumpur holiday makers are also very chatty and the whole place had this amazing friendly buzz. And to top it all off, I beat them all at pool in a stunning winning streak!!!!"